First Visit Examination

We perform complete analysis of your dental area. For our perfect diagnostics we use dental X-ray. We explain possible treatment and introduce price plan. Consultation: Free

Dental Hygiene

Our main goal is to minimalize the risk of dental caries and gum inflammation. Dental hygiene is to be viewed as everyday body care. The treatment procedure is non-invasive and painless. Besides being preventive, it also serves an aesthetic role – teeth whitening.

Aesthetic dentistry

Prosthetic dentistry means the replacement of damaged teeth tissues with crowns. We are able to replace lost dental tissues using high quality ceramic onlays, crowns and veneers.


Teeth are a very important factor in defining the quality of life. A dazzling smile, effective mastication as well as clear enunciation to a great extent influence the social and psychological state of a person. The apparent willingness to have healthy teeth is the main reason for the rapid development of implant dentistry.



Welcome to our private dentistry practice Dental Beauty Clinic.
We offer total dental care focused on aesthetic stomatology. While achieving the best results we use modern tools, materials and methods.
We would like to offer the best treatment so you feel comfortable, content and want to recommend us to your family and friends.

MUDr. Abdi Adeeb

Esthetic & restorative dentistry, prosthodontics, Dental implants, full mouth reconstruction, Oral surgery, Venners (no-prep /mini-prep ) Esthetic Medicine (Dermal fillires, Botox.)


  • Charles University of Prague, Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Kralove

International education:

  • Intenational Master cours on Implantogy IMCI, Paris
  • European masters in Aesthetic & antiaging medicine EMAA, Paris
  •  ITI implantology course, Prof.Weingart, Stutgart Hospital,Germany
  • Internatinal Master Course on Aging Skin IMCAS, Paris
  • Modern endodontic by Dr. Jeffrey hutter, Dean of Boston University, USA
  • Aesthetic reconstruction of composite materials - Dr. Lorenzo Vanini
  • Camlog Implant Congress, Lucerne Switzerland
  • World Implant Symposium, Seol, South Korea
  • Neobiotech implants Symposium, Los Angeles California, USA
  • AEEDC  dental conference, Dubai
  • IDS, Cologne Germany
  • AMWC, Monaco
  • Implant Symposium, Milano
  • Bone regeneration Symposium, Budapest
  • NYU Aesthetics Sypmposium, New York, USA